Hi! We're Claudia and Otto Boyer and together we founded JENKI in 2020 to challenge the big guy, COFFEE. Caffeine culture is full of wired coffee connoisseurs and sugary energy drinks. A jacked up energy that doesn’t really benefit our minds or bodies. So we turned to the good stuff, a clean green caffeine that mellowed us out whilst keeping our brains sharp.

JENKI comes from the Japanese word: GENKI 気き referring to the life force within us all!

We’re here to spread this positive energy and to get matcha into the hands of as many people as possible. Because, quite frankly, it should be.


Our focus has always been on damn tasty matcha, one that everyone could enjoy. We needed to hit a certain flavour, aroma and colour for us to be happy.

With over 200 in Japan, JENKI combines Samidori, Yabukita and Okumidori cultivars producing a sweet aroma, creamy froth with a rich, nutty and mellow taste. It’s addictively good...


Matcha has been around for years. It’s what the monks have been drinking in Japan since the 1100s to maintain hours of mediation! Straight from the hills of Uji, Japan, our matcha is single origin and from a family run farm. Stone-ground, with stems and veins removed, leaving just the good stuff.

jenki matcha bar