Put simply, matcha is just finely powdered green tea, but really it's a little more complicated than that. All you need to know is that it's packed full of the good stuff, with up to 100x the antioxidants of green tea, and similar levels of caffeine to coffee.

Japanese monks have been drinking it for years to keep them hyper focused through hours of meditation. While that may not be what your day has in store for you, matcha gives you hours of cool and calm energy to tackle whatever it does. 

matcha leaf in hand
a timeline of how jenki matcha is made from Uji Japan
IT'S full of goodness

Matcha has a load of health benefits for both your mind and body. From boosting your metabolism, to anti-aging and reducing anxiety. Most of all it's a great source of energy! Not just any kinda energy, but a calmer more focused energy, and a go-to alternative to avoid those coffee jitters.

infographic on the benefits of matcha vs coffee

Your new go-to for morning health kicks, afternoon pick-me-ups, and pre-workout boosts, replacing your daily coffee fix.

Add matcha to your smoothies, lattes, shakes and bakes.