what are nootropics infographic

A nootropic is any compound found in nature (or lab made) which enhances your brain function. This might include boosting anything from memory and focus to relaxation and attention.

Probably the most common nootropic in everyday life. It stimulates the entire nervous system reducing fatigue and increasing concentration.
Matcha has 48 mg oer 1.5g serving (coffee has 40mg per espresso shot.)
Clinically proven to increase alpha brain waves, delivering a calm focused state. It's an amino acid compound that will prevent you from feeling over-stimulated (think anxiety, stress, or restlessness) without stopping your cognitive abilities. Matcha combines caffeine and L'theanine, meaning you'll get an energy boost with all of the nootropic benefits without having the prangs and crashes of drinking other caffeinated drinks.
Short for epigallocatechin, it's an antioxidant - preventing the busy brain from any oxidative damage - and has been linked directly to a better mood and memory. What's more EGCG istought to work synergistically with both L'theanine and caffeine. Matcha provides the best source of EGCG with smaller amounts found in fruits and nuts.