If you’re looking to whisk up the best matchas at home, you’ve come to the right place.

What are you going to need to make the tastiest matcha?
A Bamboo Whisk! Created specifically to get the most out of your matcha, once you’ve read the below, you’ll be well on your way to understanding this nifty matcha tool.

Handmade from one piece of bamboo, they’re crafted with extremely thin and delicate bristles. These bristles help to whisk up your matcha until it’s completely dissolved in water, releasing all your powder’s delicious aroma and leaving it creamy and smooth for sipping.

Look after your whisk well and it will last a long time! Here are some of our quick tips on how to use and look after your matcha bamboo whisk:

1. Begin by soaking your whisk in warm water. This gentle ritual softens the bristles and makes them more flexible, preventing unwanted breakage.

2. Whisk your matcha in ‘M’ ZigZag motions without applying too much pressure with the whisk to the bottom of the bowl, creating a silky smooth blend.

3. After your matcha ceremony, clean your whisk in warm water. Don't hesitate to involve your hands to remove any lingering matcha residue, ensuring it remains pristine.

4. Place your bamboo whisk in a dedicated whisk holder to maintain its shape. Not only will it dry beautifully, but it'll also be ready for your next matcha adventure.

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Matcha aficionados, your journey to matcha perfection begins now!