We are beyond excited to hard launch our collaboration with designer Mira Mikati - a long-time member of the JENKI Matcha community!

We've been working on this together for a while now, and thought it was appropriate to launch it today - on summer solstice - hope you love it as much as we do!

Together we have designed a limited edition collection including a matcha tin & t-shirt in support of Spectra London, a hand-beaded bracelet, and even a brand new seasonal matcha latte...

We've asked Mira a few questions to share more behind this collaboration!





JENKI: When and where did you first try JENKI Matcha?

Mira: I first tried JENKI back in 2022 as soon as they opened their Selfridges pop-up, and I was instantly addicted. It had been ages since I found a matcha that lived up to my experiences in Japan.

JENKI: Why did you want to partner with JENKI Matcha?

Mira: Every time I visited Selfridges, I couldn't help but wonder why we didn't have a JENKI Matcha bar in southwest London. Establishing one at the Happy House felt like a natural fit. Our philosophies are closely aligned; both of us emphasize messages of positivity. Our customers are health-conscious, just like me, and have a preference for drinking matcha. Mira Mikati is more than just a clothing brand; it's a lifestyle, and high-quality matcha is an essential part of that lifestyle.

JENKI: How do you drink your matcha?

Mira: I love my Lavender CBD matcha with coconut milk. I'm also the biggest fan of the JENKI soft serve.

JENKI: Why is this collaboration important to you?

Mira: I always want to express my love for JENKI, and this collaboration is a great way to share that passion. Most people who follow or know me are aware of my love for JENKI, and this was a fantastic opportunity to let everyone who follows my brand hear about it.

JENKI: What is your favorite element about this collab?

Mira: The fresh strawberries. Unlike most matchas made with syrup, this is so fresh. I also love the sun mascot we chose; it brings me joy every time I see it.

JENKI: If you had to pick one favorite color, what would it be?

Mira: I can't choose just one; that's why I love rainbows. I'm particularly excited about this collaboration because of the donations to the Spectra charity in support of Pride Month.


‘We All Belong to the Same Sun’ is a message of inclusivity that as a community at JENKI + Mira Mikati we wholeheartedly support. The t-shirt & matcha tin featuring this message are in support of @spectra_london (CIC) who offer crucial services to improve health and well-being for underserved, marginalised communities; challenging stigma and discrimination, visioning an equitable and inclusive society. 10% of all tin & t-shirt profits will be donated to Spectra, to help continue their mission, as chosen by our teams.

The JENKI X Mira Mikati Limited Edition Collection is now available to purchase here  and in JENKI Spitalfields while stocks last!