After our successful collaboration with Cosmic Dealer on a delicious limited-edition Matcha Cherry Pie nut butter chocolate, we wanted to share some insight into our collaboration! 

Matcha cherry pie nut butter filled healthy chocolate


The French female-founded brand, Cosmic Dealer is mainly known for its nut-butter-filled chocolates but also offers herbal coffees, tea blends and wellness goods. Monique and Fati founded the brand with the aim to offer high-quality, natural products. 

The chocolates are available for purchase on our WEBSITE and at our bars in Spitalfields and Selfridges.

We had the opportunity to ask them a few insightful questions about their journey and advice as female business founders, wellness and the story behind our exciting collab:

You are a female-founded brand, where did you first meet?

  • We met while working at a fashion brand - Fati was the director of production and I was the director of marketing. We used to take tea breaks and pitch crazy business ideas to each other - never thinking we’d actually end up starting a business together! 

What inspired you to set up Cosmic Dealer?

  • We are big foodies and living in France are spoiled for choice - but on an everyday level, living a fast-paced lifestyle in a big city at some point sent us into a spiral of sugar and caffeine addiction. 
  • After a long day at work, it’s really hard to have enough mental energy to find something in a supermarket that is actually good for you: when most of what is presented is ultra-high processed, high sugar or ‘fake’ low sugar choices with synthetic replacements.
  • With Cosmic Dealer we wanted to create food with both integrity and intention: creating treats and rituals that feel indulgent but that are still nourishing, organic, vegan and made with the highest quality all-natural ingredients - without the high sugar content, additives and tricky industrial ingredients. 

What piece of advice would you give women looking to start a business?

  • Know why you are starting your business: is it because of a love of the product, and a desire to put something better out into the world? If yes, you should find someone who can help you with the business model side of things or leave yourself room and time to learn it yourself. Or do you love the thrill of being able to make a business model work - whatever the product? In that case, find someone who is passionate about the brand and product because authenticity is key. If you are someone that has both of those qualities then you are a unicorn!

How do you keep each other energised throughout the working day?

  • We try to always step back and put things in perspective…and when all else fails eat cacao. 

At JENKI we are all about a positive mindset - what is a quote you live your life by?

  • Generosity of spirit. One from Mum that has served me well. 

Talk us through the creation of the Matcha Cherry Pie Chocolate.

  • We discovered Jenki when doing a pop-up next door in Spitalfields and it was love at first Matcha. We felt a common energy and knew doing a collab would be natural and easy.
  • For the flavour we wanted something that would highlight the beautiful quality of the matcha, but complement it in an indulgent and unexpected way. We didn’t hold back: with sticky cherries, crunchy granola and Jenki's vibrant Matcha, we wanted something with all the goods! The familiar, indulgent suggestion of a cherry pie juxtaposed perfectly with the punchy matcha flavour. After many rounds of samples and brainstorming, we knew this was the one 

You talk about elevating everyday rituals, can you expand on this?

  • Our health is made up in great part of the sum of our everyday little actions. What we consume on a very regular basis, and how we consume it can actually make a difference to our wellbeing. That’s why we started with the three everyday essentials: chocolate, tea and coffee and thought about how we could propose better alternatives. Not only by their ingredient lists but also by infusing intention back into those moments. A lot of our products come with little messages or intention cards. Instead of mindlessly munching on an industrial snack, maybe it’s a moment you take to really enjoy your food, set an intention, or let your mind wander to a positive space. 

What is your favourite way to drink JENKI?

  • Iced, with oat!

What are the benefits of the ingredients within your chocolate?

  • Our nut butter chocolates have on average 80% less sugar content than your regular chocolate bar.
  • We also use the highest quality organic ingredients and stick to short ingredient lists: they are simply natural nut purées, infused with herbs, plants, flowers and fruits and enrobed in artisanal raw chocolate.
  • Nut butter & dark cacao = a combo naturally rich in protein, magnesium, polyphenols and healthy fats.