How and Why to Digital Detox (at least from social media)

We know a lot of our jobs require us to be connected, and everyday actions like paying for your supermarket shopping or texting a mate to let them know where to meet you, require technology, but the mindless scrolling, thats what we want to curb. So we've decided to go tech-free this weekend.

There are numerous benefits, physically and mentally, that forgoing constant online status, and just a few simple ways that'll make you that little bit more stress-free.

So here we go, why not join us?

Tips to make it easier:

  • Delete your social apps for the weekend.
  • Turn off your phones between certain hours.
  • Make your bedroom a phone-free zone.
  • Delete apps you don't use.
  • Turn off push notifications.

Why bother?

For us our brain is a muscle we're constantly fascinated by. How can we improve our cognition, performance, manage our emotions better, the list goes on. Another thing that gets us buzzed, is small daily changes that make big impacts. We talk about the food, the exercise and the practices we can do and we clearly all know that being constantly plugged in isn't good for us, but why and what benefits does it have by not being online?

  • Improved sleep

Blue light from screens suppresses melatonin in the body, which makes us more alert as we are going to sleep. 

  • Improved concentration, focus and productivity

Technology is a nightmare for our attention span. Constantly pinging distractions at us, it's impossible to focus on a task.

  • Improved memory

You're able to be more present in conversation, so your brains are able to process and store new information more easily. With the many distractions of technology, our brains have been trained not to register seemingly insignificant details.

  • Increased creativity

The lack of access to google and other streams to get answers, encourages us to come up with ideas and gets us thinking on a deeper level.

  • Better connection

This is pretty cool, over time your posture changes, you look forward and will engage more in eye contact, rather than downward into their screens. This encourages the body to open up, pushing back your shoulders and realigning the back of their head with the spine. Body language wise you're going to be giving off a much better energy.


We'll be offline this weekend, join us!