Adaptogens are plant-powered ingredients that support (or ADAPT) our bodies to deal with mental, physical and environmental stressors going on in the world around us. We're talking stress relieving, brain boosting and energising healing goodness. 

Here are a few of the EXTRA KICKS we add to our drinks at the JENKI bar:

MACA aka Peruvian ginseng

The undisputed mood-booster, also known to increase libido and your energy levels! With a caramel flavour it's delicious in hot and cold drinks (we love adding it to our shakes!)


ASHWAGHANDA aka Indian ginseng

The stress-soothing hero, that works to relieve your nervous system. 



These magical fungi are known to have health benefits such as improved brain function, energy, balance hormones and improve the immune system. Below are a few we add in our 7 mushroom blend (our Cacao + Shrooms latte/shake BANGS)

Chaga is best for reducing inflammation and supporting your immune system

Reishi works to relieve stress + anxiety and improves your sleep

Cordyceps are great for balancing your energy levels and boosting your stamina

Lion’s Mane is our go-to for cognitive and brain health!