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100% Bamboo Whisk, handmade in Japan, in recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

If you're going to bamboo whisk your matcha you're going to need a whisking bowl to ensure you've got enough room to air the matcha and whisk all those lumps away. The curved edges and the height of the bowl have been designed to make sure this is splash free! Our unique pouring spout means you can add your matcha to a mug drip-free, so you're sipping the best matcha latte's at home.

All our bowls are Limited Edition, batch numbered and stamped.

We worked closely with ceramicist, Ines Suarez de Puga, in her South London studio to develop the bowls with our signature JENKI matcha swirl and unique design. 


Add one JENKI tsp (1-2g) of matcha to a cup. Add a splash of water and whisk until all lumps are gone. Top with water or  plant based milk of your choice. (Optional: add your choice of sweetener). 

Care: Dishwasher Safe



100% porcelain whisking bowl. Edition numbered and signed.


Not all matcha is created equal. 

The grade of the matcha determines the quality you're sipping; how much goodness it has and how tasty it is! JENKI harvest only the freshest Ceremonial Grade matcha to ensure you're enjoying the best. 

We work closely with our team of farmers to produce a blend that's sweet and nutty, with a creamy foam and mellow feel.

Try this on your friends who don't like matcha, we're pretty sure it'll convert them!

a timeline of how jenki matcha is made from Uji Japan

1. Add 1 tsp of JENKI matcha.

2. Add 40ml of water and whisk until all lumps are gone and a foam starts to form.

3. Top with (hot or iced) plant based milk of your choice. (Our pick is Oat!) 

Top tips:

A bowl will make it easier to whisk and adds air into your matcha making it creamy and smooth.

Add your choice of sweetner to your preference.

Don't use boiling water as this will burn your matcha and it won't be as tasty! Lukewarm is best.