40g of matcha refill pouch
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A clean green caffeine, without the prangs or the crashes. Sub your daily coffee for a new kinda energy.

TIPS: Add organic coconut blossom sugar to your matcha as a natural sweetener or add to your porridge, smoothie or bakes.

Servings: About 26 servings at 1.5g 

Product: A more sustainable way to shop, simply top up your JENKI tin or spoon straight from our 40g resealable pouches. 

**Please Note - due to Covid delays your pouches will look slightly different to these until the first week of April**


Instructions: Add one JENKI tsp (1-2g) of  matcha to  a cup. Add a splash of water and whisk until all lumps are gone. Top with water or  plant based milk of your choice. (Optional: add your choice of sweetener).


100% ceremonial grade matcha. A sweet and mellow blend hand sourced from the Foothills of Uji, Japan. High in Chlorophyll, Caffeine, L’theanine and Amino Acids. Contains calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C and other minerals.